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    The cooktop is where the magic happens. Finding the long term cost efficient option should be the main consideration as energy used for cooking consists as a large portion of your energy bills. If you love to cook, finding a cooktop that can heat quickly and precisely will also be important.
    Electric cooktops work by running electric current through conductive metal which is then converted into heat energy. It is safer than gas cooktops as there is no risk of a gas leak and there are no open flames to potentially cause fires. However they are slow to heat and slow to cool and inconvenient for frequent use. It is the most cost effective option for couples and those who cook infrequently. Well suited to apartments.
    Gas also tends to be an cheaper source of energy than electric stoves in the long run. Although costlier to set up, it is more cost efficient in the long run for frequent usage. Cookware is heated much faster compared to electric cooktops. Gas must be turned off after every use to avoid leakage. Surface needs to be cleaned often so that the ignition spark can work reliably. Gas can usually only be installed in houses and not available in units or apartments.
    A large percentage of energy is lost in electric and gas cooktops as heat cannot be completely transferred from the heating element to the cookware. Induction cooktops are much more efficient. Magnetic coils induce a changing magnetic field that interacts with the metal inside the cookware, generating electrical resistance which releases into heat. As almost no energy is lost in the process, the cookware heats much faster and to a more precise degree. As all surfaces apart from the cookware are not heated and is cool enough to touch. It is the most expensive option, but a must have for cooking enthusiasts.


    The rangehood is an important appliance to keep your kitchen clean from grease and smoke. Any preparation requiring high heat or pungent ingredients will permeate throughout the house into every single room unless there is a powerful rangehood extracting the smell. Choosing the right rangehood will depend on the extraction power needed to keep your kitchen clean.

    This is the standard rangehood for normal sized kitchens. It is the most affordable option and suited for regular use.

    These rangehoods have an extendable panel to activate the extraction fans. Its compactness when unused fits small kitchens in apartments. However, its convenience comes at the cost of extraction power
    This type of rangehood is has the highest extraction power. The chimney shape is generally only appropriate for large kitchens. It is generally the most expensive option. A must have if cooking for a large family.


    Oven size depends on the number of people you need to cook for. If you frequently bake or roast meals, faster heating options will save you a lot of time. Additionally, combined oven and cooktop appliances are available for easier integration into your kitchen.
    The standard oven type due to its affordability and the lack of a gas line connection. Most are multi functional; so you can perform a greater variety of cooking modes with various functions specific to each recipe. You can use the combination of the top, bottom and grill plus fan to optimise cooking to your specific needs.
    Preferred option for frequent users. If you plan to use a gas cooktop then you should also choose a gas oven. Heats much faster than electric ovens. Allows your food to retain more moisture when baked or roasted. However a stronger heat at the top of the oven, meaning that roasts need to be flipped for even cooking.