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    Don’t make the AMATEUR MISTAKE of buying an IKEA kitchen!

    When looking for kitchen renovations, many Sydney siders will opt for the new trend of pre-packaged kitchen deals from IKEA or Bunnings. Whilst on the surface it looks like a steal with some of the kitchens costing 70-80% the price of a quote at a specialised store like ourselves. There is much more than to the story than just the surface.

    We are going to outline why it is much better to get a kitchen renovation in Sydney from us than one of the big hardware and interior design chains.

    1. Flexibility

    The priced advertised on pre-packaged kitchens encompass merely the display in front of you. It is not customised nor adaptable. It is simply the cabinets, countertop and drawers in front of you at the store in the same setup as you see it. If the dimensions are off by just a few centimetres, the fit will not be right and nor would the aesthetics of your home. They also don’t offer different entry positions for electrical wiring or plumbing which is unique to every home. They lack the ability to substitute; for example, if you wanted more storage in the form of a pantry rather than a set of drawers, they are unable to fulfil your request as pre-packaged kitchens are mass produced overseas and shipped here giving them zero leniency in design.

    Other the other hand, we at Kitchen Creation can fit any shape kitchen in your home and accommodate for any colour combination and spatial arrangement. Your kitchen will be truly custom and unique. We are here to help with 25+ years of family owned business experience, to make your kitchen the most aesthetic, functional and comfortable component of your house.

    1. Everything is managed

    A key principle in our process is that everything is managed. Just like on job sites there are site managers who organise all the labour to ensure that they function sequentially and altogether. What we offer here at kitchen creation is unique. We are the all in one package site manager of your future kitchen refurbishment. We organise all the labour, ensure all the deliveries are on time and fix any problem which may arise. We make your kitchen renovation process from a logistically nightmare to fun design process.

    You will get to sit back and relax and correspond with us as much or as little as you like. You can make every decision throughout the whole process from the colour of the kickboard to the type of handles on the cabinets. Or if you choose to, we can make them all for you to make it carefree experience for you.

    1. Quality Australian materials

    Our stone is sourced from local businesses such as CaesarStone and QuantumQuartz which ensure ethically business practises and the money is going back to the Australian community. Our joinery is YDK which is a Sydney based cabinetry business with over 30 years of history. We use MDF in our joinery which is a heat treated and toughened version of the particle board often used in these pre-packaged kitchens. We offer a 10-year warranty on all our products; subject to replacement and repair.

    IKEA and Bunnings kitchens are outsourced and made overseas with materials that may or may not be compliant with Australian standard and regulation. Furthermore, it is questionable whether they workers have been fairly paid for their labour. The cabinets hold international dimensions are they sold in countries all around the world which might be the right fit for some Australia families and their needs and often employ particle board which easily absorbs water and deteriorates over time.

    1. Reliable and reputable contractors

    When you purchase with IKEA, they do not offer installation. As such you the consumer upon purchasing the kitchen must find someone to build it for you. Take it from personal experience they are very hard to build, especially considering that they must be broken down to the smallest pieces possible in pre-packaged kitchens to save on freight when they are transported into Australia. It may then be stressful for you the customer when the contractor is negligent or does a poor job and there is no upper management you can talk to.

    We on the other hand use reputable and all fully licensed tradesmen with many years of experience installing kitchens and bathrooms. We commit ourselves to resolving all issues that may occur along the way to ensure you get what you are promised.

    1. Helping the community

    Finally, our store is 100% Australian owned, we have been in Caringbah, Sydney doing kitchen and bathroom renovations for 25 years. Every cent you spend with us helps our family and contributes to the community that you live in.

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    What you need to know about kitchen configurations!

    Types of kitchens

    There are countless ways to lay out a kitchen design, today we will go through the pros and cons of the four most common that covers 90% of all customers.

    One wall:


    The one wall kitchen excels in homes where the living space and kitchen are not separated by walls or dividers, meaning it features in mostly in small homes or open circulation homes. It is very convenient from a practical point of view keeping all the appliances, storage spaces and subsequent tools within reach. Furthermore from an interior design point of view, it keeps the room symmetrical and does not segregate space with lateral legs (benches) which dissect the space. Recently it has been widely popular in the ‘tiny house’ movement in America where the key to design is making the space flexible and adaptable. These one wall kitchen can be easily stored away completely behind doors and allow the space in front to be used for something else completely.

    The downside is the lack of space, unless you have a very long run of wall to use, the accumulation of the sink, range hood and fridge take up a lot of room meaning that finding space for food preparation is difficult. Due to the size of the design, the storage space and options are limited too. Finally, as this design unlike a U shaped or island bar kitchen which provides sitting space, an one wall design limits how much social attention the kitchen draws and limits the ability for the kitchen to be a social focal point of the house.



    Like the one wall kitchen, the U shaped layout is most suited for households with one primary cook. This type of kitchen is mostly found in small apartments and unit layouts. It’s especially efficient maximising the amount of storage and appliance space by using all the walls available, essentially having the most storage area to ground surface area out of all the designs. For most clients, it’s unavoidable due to how their apartment or unit has been planned out, however if you are looking to build this particular configuration there are some problems to consider.

    Firstly, it has very limited circulation, as the standard bench is 700mm wide; having a bench on both sides in a typical unit layout leaves around 1-1.4 metres of circulation space in between the benches for walking. This limits the ability to have one member of the household clean and prepare whilst the other cooks due to circulation issues Furthermore when one member is trying to enter the space and the other is trying to leave, the narrow corridor in the middle makes it extremely difficult and uncomfortable. Also, with a sink usually placed at the very end of the U; under what is usually a window, it makes it impossible to place a dishwasher next to the sink or a bin. Finally, U shaped kitchens have no seating options or room for a dining table, limiting the kitchen as a flexible and social space.


    kitchens (1)

    The G shaped kitchen is the bigger brother of the U shaped kitchen. It is for home owners with a very small dedicated kitchen floor plan and want to pack everything they could ever need into their kitchen without having to sacrifice a bar bench and seating options. It is typically found in small houses in which there isn’t enough room for an island bench arrangement.  A fourth leg is added to the end of the U shaped kitchen to form a right or obtuse angle. This last leg is usually a peninsula or bar stool type bench.

    The problem with this type of layout is that it limits the circulation of the kitchen even more than that of the U-Shaped circulation. Having the patron walk around peninsula to enter the U-portion of the kitchen makes the space highly restrictive and very uncomfortable to work in. this can be alleviated by having a wider U portion, in which some small houses have the space for. However in comparison to the U, it lacks symmetry but obtains seating space and potential for family time in return.

    L-shaped Island:


    For entertaining and hanging out, the L shaped kitchen is the way to go. This open circulation large luxury style kitchen layout is mostly for large houses. It works especially well in houses with a second storey kitchen which overlooks a scenic view, or a large kitchen space near the back of the house which also serves as an entertaining area. It has by far the best circulation out of all kitchen layouts with people able to come and go. The island bench allows all 4 sides to be used independently from the L shaped wall mounted layout meaning that it facilitates multiple chefs.

    A few things to consider is whether to have the cooktop on the island or the wall, having the cooktop on the island means difficulties with rangehood options, whilst your back will be facing guests if you decide to put the cooktop on the L shaped portion. Furthermore, planning is key in L shaped islands as the distance between points of focus is very long compared to other arrangments, meaning a lot of moving when cooking, it is preferable to pair up compatible components such as the sink and the bin, cooktop and the food

    hope we have informed you a little today on the standard configurations in the kitchen industry today, if you want one of these built into your home or just any kitchen question in general from the best in the industry; call us on 95256555. Or visit us at Shop 3/52, President Ave, Caringbah. We are open 6 days a week and offer free in home quote and measures


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    Completed Kitchen and Bathroom project in Caringbah!

    Newly completed kitchen and bathroom project in Caringbah;

    The kitchen utilises a very contemporary and slick colour and material palette. Featuring handleless polyurethane doors, with a reflective mirror splashback, and high gloss metallic appliances. the white is broken by a 20mm stone benchtop.

    The bathroom features the same handleless white polyurethane design with a 40mm cream coloured benchtop and stylish mirror and antique ceramic basin.

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    The key to selling your house for a higher price in this real estate boom

    Upon driving throughout the busy streets of Sydney, one cannot help but notice the increasing number of ‘For Sale’ signs popping up left and right. What people might fail to notice and realise is the intricate marketing strategies that real estate agents employ behind each of these signs in an increasingly competitive market where marketing is key.

    What is plain to see is that in the majority of these sales, especially in the case of units and apartments the main photo employed on these banners are kitchens. Through the use of a perspective view and wide angle lens, real estate agents can create an illusion of space. Beyond that, a well-furnished and styled kitchen is obviously a very important selling point in the minds of these experienced experts.12092246_10206514755961736_1531052125_n

    Thus it is imperative for potential sellers to construct a modern, slick and flexible kitchen in order to attract higher figures and more potential buyers. Upon feedback, it is often the first place wives will look when inspecting the house, and as the kitchen is often an area of social interaction and consistent use it is sometimes considered to be the most important room of the house.

    The problem with kitchen design is often price, but you’re in luck. We here at Kitchen Creation specialise in making kitchens appear expensive whilst saving the back pocket. Our designers will assist our customers to be able to find a beautiful looking kitchen design for every budget. We understand that beauty should not come at the cost of extreme prices.

    The key is creating the illusion of price by using quality sturdy materials that look very expensive and using the right colour palette and material palette. A common combination we recommend is using laminate doors with a 40mm standard range stone benchtop. The quality and appearance of a stone benchtop is very hard to imitate so that can not be changed, however from a distance even to a keen eye it is hard to differentiate quality laminate and polyurethane. Obviously polyurethane offers flexibility, higher quality standards and a longer shelf life, however in a case of a resale property, the illusion is what is important.

    Another important aspect is to work backwards, with customers with a very strict and defined budget, its much easier to go backwards and not compromise on the very key aspects such as the benchtop whilst saving money on aspects such as appliances, which can be selected to look good for a much cheaper price.


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