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    Technical Information:

    Laminate is a protective exterior material applied to the external faces of MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) or wooden panels. The exterior coating is made of industrial grade plastic designed for impact, heat and water resistance.


    Why Laminate:

    Laminate benchtops are durable yet much cheaper than its stone counterparts.  Although it lacks the natural feel of a stone benchtop, you can choose from a wide range of colours and textures. It is the material of choice for low budget kitchens.

    As a material, laminate is superior to stone benchtops in the area of colour and texture choice.  Whereas most engineered stones are variants of white, cream and black laminates cover all types of vibrant colours, this is definitely something to consider when choosing your benchtop material.

    Popular Laminate Finishes:



    Technical Information (Engineered Stone):

    These benchtops are extremely durable; all engineered stone products Kitchen Creation provides are made from 93%+ natural quartz which is one of the hardest minerals on the planet.

    Engineered Stone is made from an arduous process in which Quartz is mined, cut, cleaned and grind down then mixed with an industrial resin and heat treated. This methodology gives a strong , non-porous and aesthetic material for your benchtop.

    As the stone is professionally engineered the grain and look of the stone is consistent across the benchtop which is definitely an advantage over its natural counterpart.

    When compared to natural stones, the impact toughness, tensile strength, compression absorption are much higher whilst the water absorption and rigidity is much lower making it an excellent choice for any kitchen bench top.


    Technical Information (Natural Stone):

    Each slab of natural stone has different grains, colours and textures. Each slab that we provide to our customers is shipped directly from the quarry to the supplier where they are cut and put on display for our customers to choose and pick.

    Natural stone is the most luxurious material to use when selecting a benchtop. We here at Kitchen Creation provide all three of the major natural stone types used in benchtops; limestone, marble and granite.


    Why Stone:

    Most people prefer Stone benchtops as they are incredibly scratch, stain and heat resistant, as well as being easy to maintain. Furthermore the material has a natural aesthetic appeal that can only be achieved by stone. Although pricier, the durability advantages will increase the lifespan of your benchtop dramatically. Stone has consistently been the most popular benchtop material across budget levels.


    Stone types:

    • Comes in Limestone, granite or marble
    • Cut directly from the quarry
    • 100% all natural material direct from mother nature
    • Each slab is different, making your kitchen truly one of a kind!
    • Very luxurious material which is instantly recognizable
    • Provides look only achievable through natural stone

    • Cheaper compared to its natural counterpart
    • Structurally stronger
    • Easier to maintain
    • More variety in textures and colours
    • More popular material

    Popular Stones:



    Laminate: Engineered Stone: Natural Stone:
    • Protective edging around the MDF makes laminate durable and scratch resistant.
    • However if the exterior coating is damaged, water may enter and bloat the panel, making it very hard to repair.
    • Recommended for rental properties.
    • The most durable benchtop material.
    • Has a consistent engineered grain thus reducing the number of naturally occurring cracks and faint lines.
    • Superior impact tolerance, flexibility and heat resistance in comparison to the other two benchtop materials.
    • Recommended for personal use.
    • Is more durable than laminate but less so than its engineered counterpart.
    • Has inconsistent grains that create faint lines and cracks
      which weakens the material’s structural strength.
    • Requires higher maintenance.
    Colour range:
    • Wider range of textures and finishes compared to stone.
    • Styles that imitate stone finishes.
    • Wide range of textures and grains available.
    • Less material finishes than laminate, but more so than natural stone.
    • Limestone, marble and granite.
    • Each slab is cut and polished individually, thus making each and every piece unique.
    • Not as many profiles compared to stone benchtops.
    • But most popular edges are available.
    • Can be cut to any of the edge profiles available.
    • Can be cut to any of the edge profiles available.
    • Cheapest.
    • Mid range.
    • Most expensive.