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    7 Kitchen Design Styles for 2015

    Have you been toying with the idea of revamping your kitchen and think 2015 may be the perfect time to take the plunge? Before you start searching for a pro to tackle the project, it’s important to think about what you’ll need and how you can improve your kitchen setup, as well as what you want the space to look like. It’s also worth reading up on emerging kitchen trends, which may provide a spark of inspiration and, ultimately, influence the design of your new cooking zone.

    Though we can’t write your dream kitchen wish list for you, we can lend a hand with a list of design elements that are on the rise. We recently caught up with three designers who shared their short lists of kitchen design ideas they believe will be the biggest trends of 2015.

    1. Furniture-style design features. Interior designer Greg Natale predicts that furniture-style cabinetry and other features will be one of the top trends in 2015. This approach marks another step in the evolution of the kitchen as the hub of the home and a treasured space the whole family can enjoy, rather than just a functional area that’s used for food prep and cooking alone. “The incredible designs available celebrate the different elements of the kitchen as pieces of beautiful furniture, not just workstations, which allows people to bring their own personal, warm, welcoming touch to this space,” he says.

    2. Airy (and user-friendly), open shelving. “We are seeing a trend toward using open shelving as a practical solution for the kitchen space, rather than simply for display,” says Sydney kitchen designer Kesha Pillay of Art of Kitchens. “Open shelving personalizes the space, making it feel lived in and warm, while keeping the kitchen functional and easy to use.”

    3. Wallpaper that wows. Want to add interest and character to your cooking zone? Incorporating wallpaper — which will be a major trend in 2015, according to kitchen and bathroom designer Lee Hardcastle — into the design of your kitchen is the perfect solution. “Wallpaper provides an easy way to add visual impact, even in small amounts,” Hardcastle says. “Wallpaper gives you the control of complementing the architectural elements throughout the kitchen or adding a beautiful contrast to an otherwise simple color palette.”

    4. Modern traditional style. Designs that marry modern and traditional elements will be one of the most influential looks of 2015, according to Pillay, who says that homeowners are shunning ultrasleek, contemporary kitchens in favor of spaces that are “warm, homey and reflect themselves.”

    “This trend is affecting everything from cabinet design to colors, materials to textures. We are really mixing it up,” she says. “Flat-panel cabinet doors are being replaced with classic door profiles, such as Shaker doors,” for example. And materials are being mixed, such as stainless steel with wood, and wood with marble.

    5. Ceilings that make you look up. Next year will see statement-making ceilings, says Hardcastle, who designed the striking kitchen seen here. “For a long time now, we have all forgotten to look up. More emphasis will go into ceiling design, in terms of shape, features etc.,” he says. “Whether it be through the use of lighting, bulkheads or coffer ceilings, or the addition of classic embellishments, our ceilings will become part of the room’s beauty once again.”

    Not sure how to take your kitchen ceiling design to new heights? Look to the space here for inspiration. The wood design feature that frames the kitchen thoroughfare and runs from one side of the island to the bank of cabinets on the opposite wall instantly draws the eyes up, as does the row of clerestory windows that creates the illusion of a floating ceiling.

    6. Luxe metallics. While silver, chrome and stainless steel are three metallics commonly used in the kitchen, next year warmer metals, like gold, copper and bronze, will have their moment to shine, according to Natale. “Metallics in all their forms were prominent at [Paris design fair Maison & Objet], from copper to bronze to gorgeous gold, and I’m a fan,” the designer says. “The texture and gleaming finish of metallics provide a stunning accent to most palette choices.”

    7. Touch-me textures. “There’s a move toward using more textured and tactile materials,” Pillay says. Natural marble and granite in honed finishes, as well as engineered stones that replicate raw finishes, are a few materials we’ll be seeing a lot of next year, the designer says.

    Wood will still be a trend in 2015, Pillay adds, but in finishes that represent it in its natural form, rather than high-gloss or smooth finishes.


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    Looking back at the top kitchen designs of 2014

    1.  Compact Corner Sinks

    Whether it’s a chic, contemporary model or a traditional one as pictured below, small, compact corner sinks make an ideal solution for small kitchens.  Most kitchens don’t utilize the corner for anything more than a counter top or appliance; but putting a corner sink can save space and open up the circulation flow of a kitchen. this was a large trend in 2014.

    2. Warmer Metal Fixings

    last year there was a shift toward warmer metal tones such as brass and copper, edging away from the brash, stainless steel and chrome colder metals.  Iron and similar tones maade a come back, very much leaning towards the timeless traditional.

    brass fixings

    3.  Monochrome Basics

    Like the Scandinavians do best: Simple, classy and sleek.  The trend has been around for some time, but this basic, stream lined look was here to stay 2014.  To avoid a cold uninviting kitchen experience, add some natural wood accessories, which will do wonders to the aura of the room.  Tiled splashbacks aren’t welcome here: Just solid slabs of marble, strips of glass or other solid wall coverings.


    4.  Outside Kitchens

    Outside kitchens, like the one below were a big hit in the year that was 2014.  While they’ve been growing and have been popular in the United States for a while, other countries had not picked up the trend until the latter parts of 2014; when planning for an outdoor kitchen, keep in mind weather as a limiting factor.

    outside kitchen

    5.  Interesting & Colorful Splashbacks

    The kitchens of 2014 were yearning for a sip of excitement and edge which is why interesting and colorful splashbacks become popular.  Grand Designs magazine has placed this as the number 1 Kitchen trend for 2014. Most designs featured tiles with interesting patterns, in colors (blue), colorful splashes of the rainbow or exotic designs.  Keep the rest of the kitchen minimalistic.

    Patterned Walls

    6.  Burst of Blue

    Blue was the colour for 2014 and was without a doubt a winner for kitchens also.  The popular kitchen designs of 2014 were not limited to one type of blue either, they for a lack of a better phrase mixed it up;  soothing navy blues, uplifting sky blues, energetic electric turquoise; they all have their merits, and if done right, they’ll hit the spot if combined together.

    Blue kitchen

    7.  Au Natural

    Old is new, and outside is inside. the contemporary and minimalist trends of the turn of the decade is starting to phase out like all trends and designers are trending to a more natural look with wood and wooden textures making a huge comeback. Natural wood or stone counter tops, natural walls (possible brick veneer), natural wooden cupboards.  Anything that comes from the earth was in, not only does the wood add a degree of warmth, it shows sophistication and class.

    natural materials

    8  Black Countertops

    Again, we’re going natural black countertops here using black granite or quartz.  Whether left glossy, or has a dull matte finish, in contrast with a cool white interior, oozes a timeless and clean cry of, ‘I’m not new, but I’m here to stay, and I look GOOD!’.  It’s was not a fresh trend but god was it popular and with anything popular, the trend isn’t going to expire without a fight. Black counter tops were definitely in for 2014.

    black countertops

    9.  Open Shelving

    Kitchen cabinets will always be useful in all kitchens, but in 2014 we saw a trend towards open shelving.  Why hide away those eye catching kitchen accessories and crockery behind closed doors: These have design and appeal too.  the people of 2014 wanted to not only show off their kitchen but the utensils that they had stored inside as well; these all add a sense of personal taste and style of the kitchens.

    open shelving

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