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    Technical information:

    Laminate is a protective exterior material applied to the external faces of MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) or wooden panels. The exterior coating is made of industrial grade plastic designed for impact, heat and water resistance.


    Why laminate:

    Although laminate cabinets are restricted to flat panels and artificial textures, it is just as durable as the polyurethane alternative yet much more affordable.

    Furthermore the material is resistant to water, humidity, heat and steam and is designed to stand daily wear and tear providing a long service life and requiring only minimal cleaning. That’s why it has become the material of choice for low to medium budget kitchens.


    Laminate finishes:

    • Rough texture
    • Low reflectance
    • Classier look
    • Fits traditional designs

    • Flat texture
    • Sleek look
    • Fits contemporary designs
    • Reflective to interior lighting

    • Real aluminium coating
    • Modernistic look
    • More stain resistant
    • Fits contemporary styles

    Popular Laminates:



    Technical information:

    Polyurethane is a polymer based paint used as a finish for timber panels. Once sprayed on a surface it drys to form a thin yet durable coating that can be evenly applied around all grooves and edges.

    One of the main reasons Polyurethane doors have gained traction in recent years is because it offers an unlimited palette of colours for doors and cabinets, anything that you can find in the paint section of the local hardware store can now usually be applied to the exterior of your kitchen panels in order to match any taste or décor.


    Why Polyurethane:

    Although it is the more expensive option, the advantages are that only polyurethane can be applied to grooved panels and cabinets are easier to maintain as the paint can be reapplied on any scratches instead of having to replace the entire panel. This material is the standard choice for traditional designs and high budget kitchens.


    Polyurethane finishes:

    • Rough texture
    • Low reflectance
    • Classier look
    • Fits traditional designs

    • Half way between gloss and matte
    • Medium reflectance
    • Smooth look
    • Fits contemporary and traditional designs

    • Silk like finish
    • not as reflective as gloss but carries more sheen than matte
    • very popular in transitional and contemporary styled kitchens

    Popular Polyurathane Colours:



    Laminate: Polyurethane:
    • The 1mm protective edging around the MDF makes laminate a very durable and scratch resistant material for cabinets.
    • Slightly more durable than polyurethane.
    • However is more prone to water damage if coating is cracked.
    • Recommended for rental properties.
    • The mixture of the paint and the hardener makes the material have a very even finish
    • The lack of a protective edging makes the paint finish less scratch resistant than the laminate finish
    • However if damage is incurred, it is extremely easy to repair and will not suffer from water damage
    • Thus it is easier to repair than the laminate
    • Recommended for personal use
    Colour range:
    • Wide range of textures and finishes.
    • Styles that imitate metallic finishes.
    • Since it is a paint finishing, there is a limitless range of colours.
    • As the protective edging is very hard and rigid; circular edges or profiles with very tight corners are not available.
    • Most of the popular edge profiles are available.
    • The paint coating can be applied to any profile.
    • All edge profiles and panel profiles can be used for polyurethane doors.
    • Any scratches or damages can allow moisture or water to get and lead to permanent expansion and water damage.
    • If damaged, the entire panel must be replaced.
    • Paint damage can be fixed with a simple respray.
    • Does not need the whole panel to be replaced and repairs are fairly easy.