When looking for kitchen renovations, many Sydney siders will opt for the new trend of pre-packaged kitchen deals from IKEA or Bunnings. Whilst on the surface it looks like a steal with some of the kitchens costing 70-80% the price of a quote at a specialised store like ourselves. There is much more than to the story than just the surface.

We are going to outline why it is much better to get a kitchen renovation in Sydney from us than one of the big hardware and interior design chains.

  1. Flexibility

The priced advertised on pre-packaged kitchens encompass merely the display in front of you. It is not customised nor adaptable. It is simply the cabinets, countertop and drawers in front of you at the store in the same setup as you see it. If the dimensions are off by just a few centimetres, the fit will not be right and nor would the aesthetics of your home. They also don’t offer different entry positions for electrical wiring or plumbing which is unique to every home. They lack the ability to substitute; for example, if you wanted more storage in the form of a pantry rather than a set of drawers, they are unable to fulfil your request as pre-packaged kitchens are mass produced overseas and shipped here giving them zero leniency in design.

Other the other hand, we at Kitchen Creation can fit any shape kitchen in your home and accommodate for any colour combination and spatial arrangement. Your kitchen will be truly custom and unique. We are here to help with 25+ years of family owned business experience, to make your kitchen the most aesthetic, functional and comfortable component of your house.

  1. Everything is managed

A key principle in our process is that everything is managed. Just like on job sites there are site managers who organise all the labour to ensure that they function sequentially and altogether. What we offer here at kitchen creation is unique. We are the all in one package site manager of your future kitchen refurbishment. We organise all the labour, ensure all the deliveries are on time and fix any problem which may arise. We make your kitchen renovation process from a logistically nightmare to fun design process.

You will get to sit back and relax and correspond with us as much or as little as you like. You can make every decision throughout the whole process from the colour of the kickboard to the type of handles on the cabinets. Or if you choose to, we can make them all for you to make it carefree experience for you.

  1. Quality Australian materials

Our stone is sourced from local businesses such as CaesarStone and QuantumQuartz which ensure ethically business practises and the money is going back to the Australian community. Our joinery is YDK which is a Sydney based cabinetry business with over 30 years of history. We use MDF in our joinery which is a heat treated and toughened version of the particle board often used in these pre-packaged kitchens. We offer a 10-year warranty on all our products; subject to replacement and repair.

IKEA and Bunnings kitchens are outsourced and made overseas with materials that may or may not be compliant with Australian standard and regulation. Furthermore, it is questionable whether they workers have been fairly paid for their labour. The cabinets hold international dimensions are they sold in countries all around the world which might be the right fit for some Australia families and their needs and often employ particle board which easily absorbs water and deteriorates over time.

  1. Reliable and reputable contractors

When you purchase with IKEA, they do not offer installation. As such you the consumer upon purchasing the kitchen must find someone to build it for you. Take it from personal experience they are very hard to build, especially considering that they must be broken down to the smallest pieces possible in pre-packaged kitchens to save on freight when they are transported into Australia. It may then be stressful for you the customer when the contractor is negligent or does a poor job and there is no upper management you can talk to.

We on the other hand use reputable and all fully licensed tradesmen with many years of experience installing kitchens and bathrooms. We commit ourselves to resolving all issues that may occur along the way to ensure you get what you are promised.

  1. Helping the community

Finally, our store is 100% Australian owned, we have been in Caringbah, Sydney doing kitchen and bathroom renovations for 25 years. Every cent you spend with us helps our family and contributes to the community that you live in.