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    What To Consider When Planning Your Kitchen Lighting

    Kitchen Creation does not directly supply lighting but provide  electricians for all inclusive installations of any lighting fixtures the customer may want.

    Here are some helpful tips when considering lighting for your next dream kitchen.



    Pendant lights:

    One way to illuminate the whole kitchen especially in contemporary style open circulation kitchens is to have pendant light fixtures over the island bench. Having large pendants over the island is a good way to highlight the focal point of most modern kitchens and draw attention to it whilst lighting up the entire area evenly.

    under cabinet

    Under cabinet fixtures:

    by hiding the lens of the lights behind the bottom of the cabinets in kitchens, the ambient glow provide can provide a very stylish look, solid illumination of the space and very efficient mood lighting.

    different shapes

    Different shapes:

    Changing the shape of the lighting fixture can add stylistic value to your kitchen and give it an ‘one-of-a-kind’ look. Try to stray away from the rectangular box shaped lights and use some unusual shapes which can become a signature for your kitchen.


    Adding glow to cabinets:

    Adding a set of LEDS around the back edges of cabinets with glass doors can reveal displays of pretty pottery, china and glasses to the external onlooker. This creates more dimension to the kitchen, mixing up the depth of space and creating a sensation spaciousness in the kitchen.


    Include kickboard lights:

    Installing lights underneath base cabinets to illuminate the floor and kickboard can add ambience to the kitchen. On a more practical scale it also allows you to walk into the kitchen after dark without using powerful inefficient lights which may disturb other family members.


    New generation fluorescent lighting provides excellent illumination of the cooking area whilst generating very little heat.

    They are energy efficient, will not make the cooking area too hot and are very cost effective to run meaning that they are something that can be left on most of the time.

    With a simple dimming switch installed; the light can be adjusted to the level right for you without it being too dark or glary.

    Halogen lights are usually used in bathrooms for heating purposes; as such they are meant to generate heat and a lot of it.

    They are extremely bright and focused and recommended for large open space kitchens in double brick houses which can often be very cold throughout the year.

    Their properties allow them to provide both warm lighting for the kitchen and warmth as well.

    Incandescent light bulbs are the most commonly recognized type of interior lighting and typically deemed as the ‘normal light bulb’.

    It usually generates softer, yellowish light and like halogen lighting options generates a lot of heat.

    They are the least efficient type of light as the technology is the one that has been around for the longest, however they are relatively cheap and very easy to find at any hardware store as they are probably the still most commonly used.

    LED (light emitting diode) lights are the latest series of innovations in the industry.

    They are very efficient in the way that they convert electricity and power into light; this subsequently means that they generate very little heat.

    They are also very durable and long lasting, with an average lifespan of 50,000 hours which is 50 times more than the incandescent light bulb.

    They also come in very small sizes to fit in all crooks and gaps of the kitchen.