1.  Compact Corner Sinks

Whether it’s a chic, contemporary model or a traditional one as pictured below, small, compact corner sinks make an ideal solution for small kitchens.  Most kitchens don’t utilize the corner for anything more than a counter top or appliance; but putting a corner sink can save space and open up the circulation flow of a kitchen. this was a large trend in 2014.

2. Warmer Metal Fixings

last year there was a shift toward warmer metal tones such as brass and copper, edging away from the brash, stainless steel and chrome colder metals.  Iron and similar tones maade a come back, very much leaning towards the timeless traditional.

brass fixings

3.  Monochrome Basics

Like the Scandinavians do best: Simple, classy and sleek.  The trend has been around for some time, but this basic, stream lined look was here to stay 2014.  To avoid a cold uninviting kitchen experience, add some natural wood accessories, which will do wonders to the aura of the room.  Tiled splashbacks aren’t welcome here: Just solid slabs of marble, strips of glass or other solid wall coverings.


4.  Outside Kitchens

Outside kitchens, like the one below were a big hit in the year that was 2014.  While they’ve been growing and have been popular in the United States for a while, other countries had not picked up the trend until the latter parts of 2014; when planning for an outdoor kitchen, keep in mind weather as a limiting factor.

outside kitchen

5.  Interesting & Colorful Splashbacks

The kitchens of 2014 were yearning for a sip of excitement and edge which is why interesting and colorful splashbacks become popular.  Grand Designs magazine has placed this as the number 1 Kitchen trend for 2014. Most designs featured tiles with interesting patterns, in colors (blue), colorful splashes of the rainbow or exotic designs.  Keep the rest of the kitchen minimalistic.

Patterned Walls

6.  Burst of Blue

Blue was the colour for 2014 and was without a doubt a winner for kitchens also.  The popular kitchen designs of 2014 were not limited to one type of blue either, they for a lack of a better phrase mixed it up;  soothing navy blues, uplifting sky blues, energetic electric turquoise; they all have their merits, and if done right, they’ll hit the spot if combined together.

Blue kitchen

7.  Au Natural

Old is new, and outside is inside. the contemporary and minimalist trends of the turn of the decade is starting to phase out like all trends and designers are trending to a more natural look with wood and wooden textures making a huge comeback. Natural wood or stone counter tops, natural walls (possible brick veneer), natural wooden cupboards.  Anything that comes from the earth was in, not only does the wood add a degree of warmth, it shows sophistication and class.

natural materials

8  Black Countertops

Again, we’re going natural black countertops here using black granite or quartz.  Whether left glossy, or has a dull matte finish, in contrast with a cool white interior, oozes a timeless and clean cry of, ‘I’m not new, but I’m here to stay, and I look GOOD!’.  It’s was not a fresh trend but god was it popular and with anything popular, the trend isn’t going to expire without a fight. Black counter tops were definitely in for 2014.

black countertops

9.  Open Shelving

Kitchen cabinets will always be useful in all kitchens, but in 2014 we saw a trend towards open shelving.  Why hide away those eye catching kitchen accessories and crockery behind closed doors: These have design and appeal too.  the people of 2014 wanted to not only show off their kitchen but the utensils that they had stored inside as well; these all add a sense of personal taste and style of the kitchens.

open shelving