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    Our Process


    Typical Process

      1.      Qualified tradesmen demolish the existing kitchen including old bench tops, cabinetry, appliances, plumbing and tiles.
    We will further remove all debris in order to construct from a clean slate and ensure that during the construction process the house and site is kept as clean as possible for your peace of mind.

    2.     All the joinery components such as the cabinets and pantries are delivered and placed in an organized manner ready for the installer.
    3.     Our licensed joinery installer will install all components of joinery first starting from the lower cabinets. The wall mounted cabinets and pantries will follow.
    Finally fillers, bulk heads and kick boards are put in.

    4.      Our professional stone masons will initially measure the required proposed benchtop. They then may cut the benchtop on or off site according to the size and bulk of the slab. Finally it will be delivered and installed.
    5.      Plumbing and electrical work follows; this includes connecting sinks, mixers and relevant appliances such as dishwashers. Electrical work will encompass wiring for power points, backend connections to appliances and lighting whether that is embedded or ceiling mounted.
    6.      Splash back installation is the final step in construction, completed by a tiling specialist if a tile splash back is chosen. Alternatively if glass is the material of choice, it is first measured and cut off site and delivered for a quick and easy installation.

    7.      Finally we clean up the vicinity, and then conduct a full inspection to ensure your kitchen is in perfect shape. We’ll then walk you through all the features and provide tips for maintenance. Debris removal will be organized between ourselves and you the customer; we can remove the debris for you at additional charge if it is a large quantity.
    8.      Congratulations, welcome to your brand new kitchen! From beginning to end through design and construction we got you covered; making the normally stressful process of building an enjoyable one.
    10.      Rest assured, the kitchen now is covered by our Repair & Replace warranty policy for up to 10 years! Terms and Conditions apply, please refer to www.kitchencreation.com.au/warranty