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    1. Qualification


    When looking for a renovator, you want to make sure they have the right credentials. A reliable renovator must fulfill these qualifications:

    1. Are the benchtops and cabinets sourced from Australia?
    2. Do they build customised designs rather than import cheap generic whole kitchens?
    3. Does the company have public liability insurance?
    4. Do they have a long history of experience in kitchen Construction and Design?
    5. Do they have a in-house designer?
    6. Do their tradesmen have the right qualifications and licenses?

    Kitchen Creation ticks all of the above. But even if you don’t choose us, make sure you ask those questions.


    2. Consultation


    Once you have found the right renovator. You should book a in-home measurement with the designer. Kitchen Creation provides a no obligation in-home measurement for free.

    The designer will come to your home to record the layout and specifications of the area. It’s important that you inform the designer of the following details:

    1. Family size and frequency of use
    2. Budget range
    3. Stylistic preferences

    A good designer should be able to work with your ideas whilst also staying inside your budget. Beware of renovators that try to convince you to purchase expensive upgrades.

    You should further develop your ideas by visiting the showroom and testing different features of the kitchen. Not only do you want an aesthetically pleasing kitchen, but also one with convenient features. So make sure you also test out the functionalities of the showroom.


    3. Design


    One of the most common problems people encounter is distinguishing the ‘best’ choice out of a range of options. When choices are limitless and differences are subtle, you can overthink and stress over the what to do.

    Just remember, there isn’t necessarily a ‘correct’ choice. Keep it simple and go with your gut feeling. What catches your attention is what suits you.

    Finally, the designer should be able to incorporate your ideas into a preliminary architectural plan. Do not start construction having only visualised the design in your head. Clashing colours in your design can look very unpleasant.

    Kitchen Creation provides 3D rendering of your kitchen for a realistic preview of the final outcome. The technology is very useful as you can see alterations and modifications instantaneously.

    You can now start building your kitchen!