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    This is the cheapest and most cost efficient option out of the splashback materials. Any wall tile can be used, providing a virtually limitless selection of types and sizes.

    Furthermore tiles can be placed in various arrangements such as weaves, herringbone and mosaics by our professional tiler.



    Glass splashbacks are the most popular and common in modern and contemporary kitchens as they provide a very clean and slick look.

    They come in a huge assortment of colours; they are produced by painting the backside of panels of toughed glass, these are then cut into standard and custom sizes and arranged in patterns according to the customer’s preference.



    Stone Splashbacks can be used in two ways; either in a tile format or with an entire slab adhered to the back wall. The stone splashback uses the same material as stone benchtop just in thinner slabs; as such there is an option between engineered stone and natural stone.  The stone splashback gives the kitchen a very clean and slick look in line with contemporary and modern kitchen designs and often interacts well with the benchtop if the grain is matching.


    Mirror is often used to interplay with interior lighting, whether that is down lights in the kitchen or embedded LEDS underneath the kitchen cabinets. The use of a mirror splashback can create a feeling of spaciousness and openness and that’s why it is the favourite choice amongst certain customers.


    Careers: Glass: Stone: Mirror:
    • All regular and irregular bathroom tiles can be used as splashbacks
    • Recommended for traditional and transitional kitchen styles
    • A piece of glass coated with a layer of paint, any colour sample from any local hardware store can be used
    • Recommended for modern and contemporary kitchens
    • Stones cut with rough faces and texture.
    • Recommended for traditional style kitchens
    • Mirrors cut to size
    • Customers usually pick this material in order to create a sense of spaciousness in their homes.
    • Comes in all textures and colours and sizes
    • Various different paving styles
    • Unlimited colour palette
    • Can be cut to various sizes and paved in numerous styles
    • More colour ranges than traditional tiles however, they do not come in varying textures.
    • Large range of colours and textures
    • Used instead of glass splashback often as a way to avoid adding another colour the kitchen theme.
    • Comes in various tints