Upon driving throughout the busy streets of Sydney, one cannot help but notice the increasing number of ‘For Sale’ signs popping up left and right. What people might fail to notice and realise is the intricate marketing strategies that real estate agents employ behind each of these signs in an increasingly competitive market where marketing is key.

What is plain to see is that in the majority of these sales, especially in the case of units and apartments the main photo employed on these banners are kitchens. Through the use of a perspective view and wide angle lens, real estate agents can create an illusion of space. Beyond that, a well-furnished and styled kitchen is obviously a very important selling point in the minds of these experienced experts.12092246_10206514755961736_1531052125_n

Thus it is imperative for potential sellers to construct a modern, slick and flexible kitchen in order to attract higher figures and more potential buyers. Upon feedback, it is often the first place wives will look when inspecting the house, and as the kitchen is often an area of social interaction and consistent use it is sometimes considered to be the most important room of the house.

The problem with kitchen design is often price, but you’re in luck. We here at Kitchen Creation specialise in making kitchens appear expensive whilst saving the back pocket. Our designers will assist our customers to be able to find a beautiful looking kitchen design for every budget. We understand that beauty should not come at the cost of extreme prices.

The key is creating the illusion of price by using quality sturdy materials that look very expensive and using the right colour palette and material palette. A common combination we recommend is using laminate doors with a 40mm standard range stone benchtop. The quality and appearance of a stone benchtop is very hard to imitate so that can not be changed, however from a distance even to a keen eye it is hard to differentiate quality laminate and polyurethane. Obviously polyurethane offers flexibility, higher quality standards and a longer shelf life, however in a case of a resale property, the illusion is what is important.

Another important aspect is to work backwards, with customers with a very strict and defined budget, its much easier to go backwards and not compromise on the very key aspects such as the benchtop whilst saving money on aspects such as appliances, which can be selected to look good for a much cheaper price.