DO: Have one element that is fun or creative

DON’T: Be boring.

In order to stand out from the crowd, the best kitchens always have some kind of soul that makes the kitchen warm, inviting and personal. Every time we take on a job we see it as a chance to make something new and creative and truly unique that brings out positive emotions in each individual customer.


DO: Know enough is enough.

DON’T: Overdo it.

Often kitchens can be over designed; excessive use of materials and colours, too many fancy doors and lift up doors, too many attempts at being modern and contemporary. The age old saying of less is more is very applicable in any form of design, a concept does not have to be overly complex to be successful.


DO: Make a small kitchen work for you.

DON’T: assume that bigger is always better.

Spaciousness is often overrated in terms of interior design; we often get customers wanting to downsize their kitchens as large distances between key points in the kitchen can get tiring and frustrating to use on a day to day basic. A well designed kitchen with lots of thought about practicality and long lasting, good quality materials can make a small space work perfectly for you.


DO: Leave some space to breathe

DON’T: Don’t go overboard with cabinets and fill the whole room with cabinets

The placement of every drawer and cabinet should be done on a ‘need to be’ basis in which you careful think beforehand what you’re going to place and where. Too often customers just want to fill a room with cabinets; a lot of these cabinets go unused and the circulation of the kitchen is completely ruined, it also requires a lot of unnecessary movement to get ingredients or components that should be placed next to each other.


DO: Invest in aesthetic cabinets that will last a lifetime.

DON’T: buy things for cheap and regret it in a few years.

A kitchen is the core to the home; it’s something that you use frequently, constantly opening and closing doors and drawers, these panels and doors take a lot of wear and tear.

it’s something that is crucial to every party and something that you want to show off and continue to show off at parties for years to come. Consumers are often tempted to purchase flat pack predesigned kitchens from hardware or furniture stores, these are usually made overseas without the quality and standard of the Australian market, and when it breaks prematurely it will be something that you’ll regret.


DO: Have counter top around wall ovens and microwaves.

DON’T: Put these appliances alone.

Make sure there is adequate space around ovens or microwaves that serve as a landing zone next to these appliances. The last thing you want to do is put on your oven mitts and have to hold the 200 degree turkey 10 steps across the kitchen to place on a countertop and possibly give yourself second degree burns in the process.