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    We are proud of our work and the quality of the materials we use. With our Kitchen Creation warranty, you’ll always be able to step into your kitchen with peace of mind that you made the right choice.

    What is included?

    Kitchen Creation trading as ‘Kitchens in Focus’ provides a comprehensive Repair and Replace (R&R) policy on our products that includes:
    • Cabinets and joinery: any defects in the material and workmanship of the cabinet frame, door panels, drawer fronts, kickboards and fillers*.
    • Taps and sinks: any defects in installation or workmanship
    • Appliances: any defects in installation
    • Splashback: any defects in installation or workmanship
    • Lighting: any defects in installation or workmanship

    The warranty does not cover handles or benchtops

    This policy is in addition to standard Australian consumer rights under consumer law in relation to joinery and our other products.

    Duration of Warranty:

    The warranty starts on the date of final payment of the kitchen and lasts for the following durations:
    • Cabinets and joinery: 10 years
    • Taps and sinks: 3 years or manufacturer’s warranty; whichever is greater.
    • Appliances: 2 years or manufacturer’s warranty; whichever is greater.
    • Splashback: 10 years
    • Lighting: 2 years or manufacturer’s warranty; whichever is greater.


    The Kitchen Creation R&R policy covers damage on items that is not resultant from a sign of intentional negligence as subject to our discretion. The following are not considered defects in our products and thus not covered by warranty.
    • Fading of colours from outdoor use is not covered by warranty
    • General wear and tear
    • Cuts, scratches, impressions and imperfections after product delivery by us
    • Imperfections in the quality of manufacturing of taps, sinks and appliances
    • Lighting components which have reached the end of its utilised serviced life/hours as indicated by manufacturer
    • Fading or discolouration from sunlight, erosion and lack of maintenance
    • Failure to maintain and clean the products provided by Kitchen Creation in compliance to Kitchens in Focus instructions and directions
    • Rust when product is utilised outdoors
    • Erosion or accelerated deterioration in outdoor or high salinity environments.

    Who can claim the R&R warranty policy:

    You are entitled to claim the R&R warranty policy if:
    • You are the original purchaser of the kitchen and have a physical copy of the receipt/invoice and contract
    • You have followed the product care instructions as provided by Kitchen Creation
    • The original quoted amount as per contract was paid in full and on time at key instalment dates

    You are unable to claim the R&R policy if:

    • Our product has been tampered with or further modifications have been made after initial installation, used inappropriately, abused, maintained or repaired incorrectly.
    • Our product has been kept in a humid environment, high salinity environment, outdoor environment, excessively hot or cold environment subject to rather temperature change, stagnant water or water ingress has not been dealt with as per Kitchen Creation instructions and cleaned immediately after spill or use.
    • Our product has been damaged by water or moisture
    • Our product has been installed in a rental property.

    How to claim:

    If you wish to claim your R&R and have read the above statements, please call on 1300 090 779 or send an email to info@kitchencreation.com.au with the following information:
    • Product details
    • Description of issue
    • Copy of original purchase receipt/invoice and contract

    R&R Process:

    Upon receiving your claim, we will inspect our products to determine whether the R&R warranty policy is applicable in your case. If the policy applies subject to the exclusion and limitations we mentioned above, we will:

    Repair the defective component of the product or replace it with an identical component where available. Kitchen Creation will determine whether the product should be repaired or replaced and in such case that an identical replacement cannot be reasonably sourced, we will replace it with a component of similar value, style and appearance. We will of course cover the cost of repairs, purchase of new components and labour costs.

    If you wish for a defective component to be replaced with a product of higher value or superior quality, we will do so on payment of the difference between component costs with consideration to market value and inflation. The number of components that we replace will be limited to only those deemed effective as per R&R warranty policy requirements, exclusions and limitations.